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JOSH KELLER | Japan based voice artist | Profile
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Featured as the train platform announcer for the Tokyo Metro transit system,  Josh Keller is a full time professional and experienced narrator and voice actor.    A native of Chicago and resident of Tokyo, he has a naturally warm, resonant, yet versatile voice with clear diction.  He can convey a wide range of  archetypes, moods and emotions. He graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Communications and Psychology.

His various work experiences include advertising and marketing,  commercial broadcasting, script writing, technical sales, modeling, TV/Movie acting, and teaching conversational English. Some of his experience includes voice work for NHK radio, NHK World Direct Talk, Fujitsu, Nikon, and MUFG.  Josh was selected as the main male studio partner for NHK’s Kiso Eigo 2 radio program from 2007-2008 and has since been casted as a skit narrator for their various programs.

Trained by top voice coaches and professionals in the US and Japan, Josh brings words on a page to life, making them sound believable and feel real.

Selected Clients


DNP (Dai Nippon Printing) Commercial
Life Card Commercial
Nissan March Commercial
Suntory (The Premium Malts) VP
Orix Rentec VP
Nissin Foods Video Presentation
Panasonic PR Video Presentation
JR East Railway Video Presentation
ACE Bags&Luggage Commercial
Sony Web Design Video Presentation
Shiseido (White Lucent) Commercial
Shiseido Corporate Video
Ricoh TV Commercial
Shiseido/Bare Escentuals VP
HOYA Video Presentation
JACCS Video Presentation
Mitsubishi Group Video Presentation
McDonald’s Corporate VP
Amway Event Video Presentation
Louvre Museum Narration
JR Group (Kanuma Yatai Event DVD)
NHK International (Find Your Career Dream)
Leo Palace 21 CM
NHK ‘Motoharu radio show’ tag
NTT Data Group
Hokusho Co., Ltd.
Square Enix (Final Fantasy narration)
ANA Industrial Narration
Konica Minolta
Namco Bandai Games MC for Pre-TGS and TGS 2008
G-8 Summit Special Event Announcer 2008
Pioneer (Smart Loop)
Itochu Corporation
Sony (Walkman)
Secom Security
MIND Mitsubishi
Toppan Security Systems
Volkswagon Event Video Presentation
Tokio Marine and Nichido Video Presentation
Kinrei Udon VP (Advertising Festival0
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) VP
Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute
SanDisk VP
Skylark Restaurant ‘Hamideru Beefsteak VP’
Yokohama Mitsui Fudosan VP
Nippon Access VP
Microsoft SAP (Optimized Desktop) PV
Cannes Lions 2009 Advertising Festival (Dentsu/Yomiuri Shinbun VP)
Senju Pharmaceutical VP
INAX Corporation
Beacon Communications K.K. Web PV
Teijin (Eco-Circle) VP
Mitsubishi Electric VP
Revic Global (Tales of Sympathy)
Uniqlo (Heattech PV)
Caterpillar Japan
Nagano Keiki
GLORY System Solutions
Cool Asia
Goo-Net Corporate Video
Suzuki Swift

Educational & Instructional

NHK Radio ‘Business Communication in Simple English’ (April 2009-2010)
NHK Radio Kiso Eigo 2 2007-2008
Nagoya University e-Learning program
Discover 21 (Obama-ne)
Macmillan Publishing
Minverva/ Japan National Children’s Speech Contest
Riken Omics Science Center
MIT Sloan School of Management
Entrance Exams for Tokyo University
Integrity (English Conversation for Beginners)
Testing materials for TOEIC, TOEFL, STEP, and Eiken
ALC Publishing
Chukei Publishing Company
Gogaku Shunjusha
Gakken Co.,Ltd.
Lonely Planet
Berlitz Training Videos
CSL Behring
Igaku-eitango(Synergy International Inc.)
Toray Industries
Wisdom Dictionary

Character & Video Game

Last Cloudia (voice of Seilios)
Tekken 7 Announcer
Little Charo. Voice of Rigel 2013
Little Charo.Voice of Genta 2012 (Tohoku version)
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance  (Bethany Base Commander)
Arc Rise Fantasia (Voice of Serge) 2010
King of Fighters XII (voice of Chin Gentsai, Duo Lon, and Sie Kensou.)
GameOn  ’Soul of the Ultimate Nation’ online game (voice of main character Shadow and Vigilante)
Tecmo (Again) trailer voice for Tokyo Game Show 2009
Taito (Elevator Action) ‘Zack’ and ‘Soldier C’
Taito (Jisedai-D) Network Drive Racing Game
Ignition Entertainment (El Shaddai) voice of Lucifer
Shimajiro (voice of police dog, ghost father and ghost seller)
Sega Bass Fishing
Mai Mai 新子と千年の魔法使い (voice of Raymond)
Nintendo Wii Ready 2 Rumble 3rd edition (voice of Trainer)
Biohazard 5 video game TV CM
Rupan sansei: Gurîn vs Reddo (voice of Logan)
Major: baseball movie animation (voice of player)

On Camera appearances

NHK Atsuhime TV drama as Thomas Glover 2008 Episode 41
Fuji TV (Sports broadcaster)
Mr. Harlequin Finalist contestant (Mr. Cool)
TV Osaka
Toshiba PV
TaxiM TV
Nikkei Medical photo ad for Astellas
Blau/HS TV (Hollywood English)
Sekai Gyoten News (Main Actor)


NHK World Direct Talk
CNBC/Nikkei Channel Japan narrator
CNN International Webcast through Channel J
Japan Times

Movie Roles & Appearances

‘Watashi Wa Kai Ni Naritai’
Ultra-Man pilot as Kumano